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Том Йорк с писмо до Дядо Коледа

Той поиска очила за четене и „без подаръци за изпълнителните директори на петролните компании”

Публикувано на 08 Декември 2015
Том Йорк с писмо до Дядо Коледа

Фронтменът на Radiohead Том Йорк написа писмо до Дядо Коледа. Той се включи в проекта „Letters of Noel”, за да отбележи Националния ден на писането на писма.

„Откакто за последно ти писах, когато бях на девет, се опитвах да съм добър, но понякога зрелищно се провалях”, пише Йорк. „Също се опитвах да правя това, което ми е казано, но често се наслаждавах да правя точно обратното. Винаги, обаче, опитвах да давам любов и да не причинявам болка”.

Том Йорк поиска от Дядо Коледа надежда, мир, сняг за своите деца и сини очила за четене за него самия. „Не искам от теб да решиш проблемите на човешката раса. Това са си наши проблеми. Но, може би, тази година би обмислил да не даваш подаръци на изпълнителните директори на петролните компании и на политиците, чието влияние те купуват?”

Ето и пълния текст на писмото на Том Йорк до Дядо Коледа:

„dear father christmas


it is years since i wrote to you.

i hope this letter finds you well and that the snow is still continuing to fall up in lapland.


here it is mostly rain. not even jumper weather yet!

but the christmas albums are already being played in the shops.

that must be so embarrassing for you.


i know this year you will be exceptionally busy for you.

we all expect a little too much of you now i think.

and there are so many imposters on television. even in the street.


since i wrote to you last when i was 9 i have tried to be good, but sometimes failed spectacularly.

i have also tried to do what i’m told but often have delighted in doing the exact opposite.

but always i have tried to give love and try not to cause hurt.



dear father christmas

what i’m saying is ..


now that i’m 47, if i have any last remaining credit with you, i have just these small requests.


that my kids have a beautiful christmas

with love and understanding and peace.

perhaps some heavy snow? that would be really great.

and can you just send the precious things that will really mean something to them?

and can you send them some hope for the future. that is very important.


i won’t ask you to solve the problems of the human race. those are our problems alone.


but perhaps this year you would consider not giving any presents to oil company executives and the politicians whose influence they buy?


and for me? just some reading glasses.. : / the blue ones.


yours completely sincerely




p.s. thanks for the zx81 computer when i was 11. that was really wicked.”

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